Day 13: May 3

We flew out of Edinburgh this morning, en route to Prague. It felt as though we had entered a completely different world in some ways. The clean modernity of Edinburgh was past. This was the first time I truly experienced what it was like to struggle with languages. Despite showing the taxi driver the address... Continue Reading →


Day 12: May 2

Day two in Edinburgh was more laid back in some ways, but no less strenuous. Braving the chilly rain, we walked to the botanical gardens and greenhouse, moving from climate to climate with each room. I think we both completely stripped to our singlets at one point in the tropical rooms. The gardens are lovely... Continue Reading →

Day 11: May 1

Edinburgh. Beautiful Edinburgh! Started the day before hubby, I left him in bed to grab a coffee and a pastry. While still chilly, and fiercely windy, there was that faint hint of spring on the air. Even the shadow of rain did nothing to take away from any excitement. After he woke up, we traipsed... Continue Reading →

Day nine: April 29

Hubby was still feeling under the weather (which had itself turned the corner to give us a beautiful day), but being the trooper he is, let me drive on. Today was dedicated to the Isle of Skye. We made our first stop at Allt Coir' a' Mhadaidh, home of the Fairy Pools. I mentioned before that... Continue Reading →

Day Eight: April 28

Near Largo house, if you take a walk on the rocky beach, you will find part of the seaboard sculpture trail. There, atop Clach Dubh you'll find the 'mermaid of the north'.  This is apparently the northernmost mermaid in the UK. Not tempted to try to copy her wardrobe in the still cold weather, we rugged... Continue Reading →

Day seven: April 27

Scotland put on a brisk, but beautiful day for our first proper day there. We drove up past Loch Leven, to Drummond Castle. I've always wanted to go there, having grown up knowing we were Drummonds, and that somewhere out there was a castle wearing our name (I'm sure we were the only Drummonds in... Continue Reading →

Day six: April 26

We left the lovely home of hubby's mates and headed off to the rest of our honeymoon. My birthday was spent driving through the beautiful green countryside.. well, on the highway anyway. Breaking up the monotony of blacktop with a side trip to see Hadrians Wall at Housesteads. Greatly diminished from the imposing structure it... Continue Reading →

Day five: April 25

Taking a break from the norm, hubby and I went our separate ways temporarily. He, having already voiced a plan that I really wanted to not be included in (golf and a cricket shop, no thank you), spent the day with the friend we were staying with, while I spent the day with his amazing... Continue Reading →

Day four: April 24

Another city day, this time we were in Leeds. Thankfully the public transport is easy to use and cheap, especially since neither of us really wanted to drive through cities and struggle with parking. We started with the armouries, an enormous collection of weapons spanning years of history and culture, I don't think a continent... Continue Reading →

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