Day Eight: April 28

Near Largo house, if you take a walk on the rocky beach, you will find part of the seaboard sculpture trail. There, atop¬†Clach Dubh you'll find the 'mermaid of the north'.¬† This is apparently the northernmost mermaid in the UK. Not tempted to try to copy her wardrobe in the still cold weather, we rugged... Continue Reading →


Day five: April 25

Taking a break from the norm, hubby and I went our separate ways temporarily. He, having already voiced a plan that I really wanted to not be included in (golf and a cricket shop, no thank you), spent the day with the friend we were staying with, while I spent the day with his amazing... Continue Reading →

Day four: April 24

Another city day, this time we were in Leeds. Thankfully the public transport is easy to use and cheap, especially since neither of us really wanted to drive through cities and struggle with parking. We started with the armouries, an enormous collection of weapons spanning years of history and culture, I don't think a continent... Continue Reading →

The good nurse.

Yesterday I had a patient tell me "you're a good nurse. One of my favourites." I think all of us nurses have been told that in the past on more than one occasion. I usually brush it off, but for some reason, it stuck with me. I started analysing how I was acting, was I... Continue Reading →

The shift workers weekend.

It is the lot of the shift worker that our hours leave us slightly out of sync with the wide world. TGIF, hump days, long weekends; none of these mean the same thing when you work 365 days a year 24 hours a day. While our family and friends plan holidays and trips around guaranteed... Continue Reading →

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