Day ten: April 30

It’s possible I have been remiss in saying how stunning Scotland is in the spring. The pictures really fall far short of how it feels to stretch your legs walking around a lake that is so still, it reflects everything around it, while on your other side is a dense wood that would not be out of place in a Brothers Grim tale. Perhaps I’m still Enchanted from Skye?

Glencoe Lochan Trail

Hubby was feeling particularly generous because today’s side trip was to see a certain

the ‘potter train’!!

train drenched in magic. Well, he tried his best, apparently, it is quite the popular side trip and it is near impossible to manoeuvre traffic, find a park, and make it to the optimal viewing point in a timely

Glenfinnan monument

manner. We still saw it, just from a little further away than we had hoped. I would suggest getting there a good half an hour before

the next postcard

the train is due and grabbing a coffee in the souvenir shop there. I should point out that the shop is not just there for the train. The point at which we stopped is also where you can find Glenfinnan monument, honouring the Jacobite clansmen. While you’re there, Hike up to the top of the hill and take in the amazing view from there.

The snow was still on the peaks of the mountains even as the weather warmed up, so we headed off to Ben Nevis. Hiking was again mentioned, but we compromised and took the lift. Have I mentioned the beauty of Scotland? Also, hiking boots! The paragliders had the right idea for getting the full experience.

We headed across the country again, getting attacked by a rock in the process (Thank

Damn truck kicked a rock at us

God for insurance!) and found our way to the William Wallace Monument. Sadly, by the time we reached it, it had closed its doors to the last visitors. The gardens and viewpoints didn’t disappoint, however. I loved the sculpture trail on the way up as well, absolutely enchanting. I feel like I’m using that word and it’s synonyms a lot, but they fit. Scotland is a land of beauty and enchantment.

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