Day nine: April 29

Hubby was still feeling under the weather (which had itself turned the corner to give us a beautiful day), but being the trooper he is, let me drive on. Today was dedicated to the Isle of Skye. We made our first stop at Allt Coir’ a’ Mhadaidh, home of the Fairy Pools. I mentioned before that I was a little disappointed in the devil’s cauldron, this was not the case here. If anything, the photos fall far short of reality. The pools here are so clear and turquoise that it is a genuine disappointment when you reach the end. Hubby and I had a bit of a laugh at the people who took the hiking portion so seriously, plunging hiking poles into the flat ground while others bounded past on runners. I was not one in runners, again, three cheers for hiking boots, Especially in the boggy ground that had been churned up by thousands of walkers ahead of us.

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20180429_120457We headed to Talisker brewery for a tour of the 20180429_131712building, and to pick up the whisky dad had asked for before we left. Neither hubby or I are big spirit drinkers, so we weren’t tempted to indulge. Even though it wasn’t a subject dear to our hearts, it was still a very interesting tour, good for anyone with even a passing interest in drinking, even if only for the gift shop discount and the tasting table at the end. The charmed feel of Skye carried through to our next stop at Uig. The Fairies here are awfully busy, the geometric swirls of rocks and the precariously balanced stacks that seemed to defy gravity

were clearly the results of tiny hands that had no other purpose but to baffle the hapless humans that trekked daily up the hill to admire their work. There was something about the place that just made you happy, and want to believe if only for a minute. Perhaps the Island really is under some kind of enchantment.

Decidedly not fairy made, there are some wonders that showcase pure nature. Hubby and I followed a mountain goat trail (no really, there was mountain goats that kept us 20180429_165042company) to the foot of a cliff hidden below the road. I think that many people stopped at the first waterfall and didn’t pursue the path. The top falls are spectacular but not as good as what we found at the bottom. Thank God the bottom falls were beautiful and I had a chance to appreciate them, because I nearly died trying to climb back up the cliff. Pretty sure Hubby is actually part mountain goat though, he barely broke a sweat. I knew I should have snuck ‘piggybacks on demand’ into our vows.


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