Day Eight: April 28

Near Largo house, if you take a walk on the rocky beach, you will find part of the seaboard sculpture trail. There, atop Clach Dubh you’ll find the ‘mermaid of the north’.  This is apparently the northernmost mermaid in the UK. Not tempted to try to copy her wardrobe in the still cold weather, we rugged up and bade farewell to the BnB. I posted another postcard to my niece from here, but I’m not holding my breath.

Putting the East coast behind us, we headed West. Amid the snow-topped mountains, we could see signs of 20180428_100248.jpgspring, especially when we stopped at Rogie Falls. The colours were amazing, the air smelled so fresh 20180428_100931and the waterfalls provided the perfect soundtrack. I was so thankful for my hiking boots in the mud, though I’m not sure the car rental company20180428_102140.jpg was so enthusiastic about our hiking proclivities. From here, we took the chance to go monster hunting at Loch Ness. Sadly we left without seeing more than a few shadows that turned out to be boat wakes but the tour through the Nessie museum was reassuring, we weren’t the only ones to strike out. I

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did, however, find a yellow submarine, so that was something.

Urquhart Castle, on the bank of the Loch, was stunning, and the sun had come out to play by the time we got out of the museum. The grounds and what remains of the castle are beautifully maintained, and within the grounds, the good weather brought out the reenactors. I did try to get hubby to don the chain mail, but after experiencing the authentic materials in the armouries in Leeds, that was apparently the closest he was willing to get.

Side note: I was happy to find a connection with the Drummond clan and Urquhart castle, however small. Small things make me happy.

From Urquhart castle, we drove on to Eilean Donan castle in Kyle of Lochalsh. Perched on a small Islett at the junction of three Lochs, this beautiful castle offered amazing views of the lochs, The displays inside are so well kept, that it is easy to imagine the past owners just stepped out not long ago. In fact, there is a current ancestor of Eilean castle that lives just on the mainland within view of the castle. Tonight’s stay was at a BnB in Kyle of Lochalsh. Hubby wasn’t feeling well when we turned in, so we elected to stay inside and finish off the snacks that survived the car ride.

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