Day five: April 25

Taking a break from the norm, hubby and I went our separate ways temporarily. He, having already voiced a plan that I really wanted to not be included in (golf and a cricket

20180425_102047shop, no thank you), spent the day with the friend we were staying with, while I spent

the day with his amazing wife. Us girls took ourselves on a personal tour of Thackary medical museum (something hubby desperately wanted no not do). I think the UK museums must use the same perfumers because the ‘streetscape’ we walked through had the same, curl-your-toes smell that Jorvik boasted. The models seemed to be a similar style as well.

The museum was well done, I even got another wedding cake! Kind of.

20180425_155705our girls day not over, H took me out to Betty’s cafe tea room. A far cry from the street we had just walked through. H clearly has a nurses iron stomach because she showed the barest queasiness at the life-size diorama, and it wasn’t enough to stifle her appetite when it came to the amazing morning tea on offer. We met back up with the boys for lunch. the UK can do a good pub lunch!




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