Day four: April 24

Another city day, this time we were in Leeds. Thankfully the public transport is easy to use and cheap, especially since neither of us really wanted to drive through cities and struggle with parking. We started with the armouries, an enormous collection of weapons spanning years of history and culture, I don’t think a continent was overlooked. The displays are so minutely detailed and the table top displays so intricate that even those with only a vague grasp of what happened would be able to understand what was going on. We stumbled on what seemed to be a mini-lecture on the different types of sword and how effective they were against armour. I’ve never handled a genuine sword before that and it was surprising how heavy not only the weaponry, but the chain mail was. I shudder to imagine a day under that weight in the baking sun. The highlight for me was definitely the crossbow range upstairs. I may have found the one sport I’m better at than hubby!! When we left, the weather had cooled, so we found shelter from the rain in a bookshop, a passion we can both claim. I think our wanderings wore him out because he was sleeping within five minutes of being back on the train.

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