Any good books lately?: The girl with all the gifts.


Title: The girl with all the gifts

Author: M.R. Carey

Audience: young adult and up. There is some mature content, in particular, gore and violence.

I have read reviews that say this is just another book jumping on the zombie bandwagon. Let me address this first. Zombies are a genre on their own. What makes a zombie story stand out is how the Author makes the genre their own. Whether that is by situating it in an area close to them that no one has used as a base before, or creating the initial virus to react to different influences. Carey has not only based the book in a place that he knows, he has tweaked the human responses and the pathology of the virus to make it behave in a manner that has not been thoroughly explored in many books. The use of children makes it more horrific, especially how they are used, I was cringing while reading some of the more graphic portions, and just wanted to hug Melanie and make the bad people go away… with the proper precautions of course.

I love how Mike ended this story, it gives the virus a solid footing in the “this could happen” camp, which I found engrossing. I find that I can always enjoy a zombie book more if there is the slightest possibility that the explanation behind the initial infection could actually have a scientific explanation.

I enjoyed this read, it took me about four days to get through it on my holidays which is about usual for me. I recommend this as a read to fans of the zombie genre, I haven’t seen the movie that came out based on this, so I can’t make any comment on that. I didn’t actually know there was one until today.  Well done Mike.

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