Day three

It has been brought to my attention that I let this lapse a little, So I’m taking advantage of my day off to post the third day.

The day started well with Hubby ducking off to get emergency clothes while I started the day right.

york coffee

Jumpers were definitely necessary! This time we left the ruined country for a day trip to the less ruined York. I say less ruined because in between the well-maintained roads, paths and buildings, there was still so many scars and markers of history. You can still find ruins in the city. York minster even has its own Roman roots, literally sprawled like a root system beneath the church. It was fascinating to see the timeline of progress, from the Romans, through to the Vikings and into the medieval history.

One of the ongoing themes in our Honeymoon quickly became “what can we climb” I think York Minster was the first major climb we did, taking the numerous narrow, spiralled stairs as a challenge. The view was well worth it. Ensconced in a wire cage and braving the chilly spring wind, we could see as far as the Kilburn white horse.


York really has done a good job at protecting the history for this generation to enjoy. Ok ‘enjoy’ may not be the best term when describing the Jorvik stop. The curators have taken great pains to replicate a representation of what life was truly like back then. I will never complain about the stench of an alley again! Jorvik may be geared to the younger generation, but it truly feels as though you’re being immersed in history. I thoroughly enjoyed that break. I spoke with one of the employees there about how they replicated the smell. I meant how they knew what the smell would have been like, but he understood it as how the odour was manufactured. Apparently, they use a perfumery to create it. Given how sensitive the perfumer’s nose is famed to be, I feel so very sorry for the creator! I sent a scratch and sniff postcard home to my niece, it did not do justice to what we endured. I still wonder how they came up with what they believed the smell to be. I know that they would likely be using modern smells, and budgeting for the lack of waste disposal, as well as the lack of plumbing, and rampant illness. However nothing has ever come close to that smell that I’ve experienced, and I have smelled a lot working in health care. Please forgive the less than stellar photos, Jorvik is a ride and we were on moving seats as we toured the ‘filthy streets’.

Leaving the bad smells behind us, Hubby treated me to a pub lunch and a wander through the shambles, our little nod to the influence behind Diagon Alley. Well worth a visit, Potterheads will likely love the shops that sprung up in tribute to this, I loved the first shop we visited, the others seemed like only slight variations on the theme. One of them did have hubby questioning whether they employed look-a-likes on purpose. I would have taken a photo of the doppelgangers, but thought it may be considered rude.

York is a beautiful place to visit. If you do find yourself there, don’t miss the view. It’s well worth the climb I promise! I’ve included some links down below if you were interested in more information.

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