Day two

20180422_09542279757281591955843.jpgDay two started with a visit to Knaresborough castle and it’s stunning surrounds. We were met within the walls by the resident ravens and their keeper, Izabella was completely silent, we can’t confirm or deny that her mouth matches her fowl title, but her brother Emyrus was happy to say hello. It was quite windy that


day, Emyrus kept letting the wind take him to the range of his tether,

I think he was disappointed we didn’t come bearing food, taking it out

on whatever finger was closer at the time. The nearby bridge is one hubby has been to each time he has visited England, he took his parents last time, and they have a similar photo on their wall that they showed me before we left. I can honestly say the pictures will never do the reality justice.

We left Knaresborough and spent the day in the beautiful grounds of fountains abbey. The fact that there is only a skeleton left of the building takes nothing away from its grandeur. It feels incredible to put your hands on history. To look at the outlines of rooms and speculate what they would have been used for (using the placards is cheating). It’s easy to imagine how it would have looked when the monks still padded through the halls, what is not there helping as much as what is in mentally recreating the past. I do wish there had been a way to conserve what must have been a spectacular stained glass window.

By this time, it was getting a little late, and because everything was starting to close, we weren’t able to go through Bolton Castle, it didn’t stop us from grabbing a few nice shots from the outside before we scooted off to Richmond castle where we gatecrashed the tail end of a medieval festival. The tents still standing added a touch of the battlefield to the defence walls we stood on. Again, we found ourselves speculating on what the defences may have been, trying to imagine how they would have been used and creating mock battles to ‘test’ the defences. I picked up the Leeds rock with the intention to leave it at one of the many places we were planning on visiting. Spoiler alert, it came home with me. I guess I’ll have to find somewhere adequately tourist-heavy to leave it.

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