European honeymoon.

Forward: two days ago, hubby and I dragged our suitcases over what we hoped was the last threshold (for a while at least). We had just arrived home after five weeks traipsing across Europe, a trip that I had planned to record in regular detail. I did not take into consideration just how distracted I’d be, actually living the adventure and running out of time to record it. This is my ‘plan B’ a chance to pour over all my photos and record my thoughts after the fact. Basically, my holiday slide show. If you’ve followed me elsewhere, your probably sick of seeing these, so feel free to tune out, but spare a second to hit like if you would on the way out.

Day one:

Friday 20 April.

According to the flight info on the screen, there’s 12377 km between Melbourne and our lay over in Doha. I had too much coffee, it’s amazing I was able to choose off at all. My back still spasms when I think of sleeping in planes.

Saturday 21 April.

This is where my internal calendar starts to stuff up. Flying from Doha to Manchester,

You can’t go to the Doha airport and not take this pic. I think it’s a law.

we rented a car, manual, which I made hubby drive out of the city. It’s nice to see that he’s not perfect at everything. The first place we’re staying is in the home of one of his cricket mates. For both geographical and stubborn reasons, we managed to see much of the English countryside. Australians might understand when I say “there was so much green!!” It was surreal to see what I had only seen on British dramas roll out before us in real life. The perfect hedgerows, and stone fences outlining the pastures, pheasants and rabbits racing across the road in front of oncoming tractors. We had to stop more than once to let sheep take the right of way on the narrow roads.

When we finally made it to our destination (forgive the vagueness here, I don’t want to share private details), we were treated to a very American BBQ at red’s true barbecue in Leeds. Despite my inability to disguise my exhaustion, it is easy to see why hubby still counts these guys among his close mates despite the distance.

Travel tips that you probably already know:

Eat light and drink water!

Keep electronics in a separate bag. This made check in and bag check so much easier.

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