Any good books lately? : The arm of the Sphinx.

The arm of the sphinx: the books of Babel

Author: Josiah Bancroft

The arm of the sphinx takes off from the sane port we left Senlin Ascends. Thomas Senlin, now calling himself Thomas Mudd, is now flirting with the greyer side of humanity in order to reach his higher goal, to find and rescue his lost wife. To avoid spoilers, this is going to be a much shorter post.

Where book one seemed to explore the vices of the seven deadly sins and the smaller tyrants ruling the individual ringdoms, book two takes us to the next level down. We meet the eponymous Sphinx, so far only briefly mentioned in the series. Far from being the distant observer, they seem to have a bigger plan for our heroes.

I am treading close to spoilers for both book one and two if I write much more, so I’ll stop here. Book three is due out at the end of this year (2018), and I’ll be here for it.

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