Have you noticed that you can be having quite an all right day, then two or three standout not-so-good things occur, and you feel like your whole day was a mess? Isn’t it odd how the bad things always seem to overshadow the highlights of the day, no matter how good they were?

My furry cuddler

I’m talking about one (or two) of those shifts where the thought “maybe nursing isn’t my calling, maybe retail isn’t as bad as they say”. Where you just want to go home, cuddle up in your SO’s arms (or hug your furry pal) and pretend there’s nothing in the world but them and a bottle of wine.

It’s that point where a family member thinks you’re not doing a good enough job, even though you’ve done everything in your power to make sure they are clean, pain-free, and comfortable. It’s those last obs half an hour before you go home, that result in a MET or a code. It’s when you look back at and think to yourself ‘So that’s what burnout looks like in Technicolor.’

I have a confession. I’m going through a few of these at the moment. Ordinarily, I’d be the first person to tell a nurse I could see struggling to take a day off, pull your head back into the game and ensure one’s own mental health is in order. Unfortunately, that’s not something I can do right now. I’m going to have to push through.

I’m lucky though, I have an amazing team that pulls together in adversity. I know there are so many nurses out there though, that might not have that team or are so tired that their mistakes follow them into their dreams. I am sure there are those like me that need a reminder now and then… So here it is.

You are a nurse.

If you weren’t called to this job, you wouldn’t still be hauling your arse into work at 0630 after getting home at 2300 the night before.

You’re going to make mistakes, have an off day, or an off week, where you want to crawl into a hot bath and cry into your wine glass.


As long as you haul yourself out our bed tomorrow, drink your coffee, and go and do your best for your patients all over again. That’s what we do.

Personally, I’m breaking out the bath bombs. I’m going to get a glass of wine, make my bath smell like vanilla, and soak the day off my skin while unwinding with an audiobook. Then I’m going to Netflix with hubby, go to bed, and do it all again tomorrow.

Cheers to all you nurses who are doing that with me!!

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