I’m not panicking

Really I’m not!

Why would I need to? I mean it’s completely normal for someone to be a month out from their honeymoon with only their flights booked. It would be ridiculous to think that someone who insists everything is under control would have thought beyond that to accommodation right?fempanic

In hindsight, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m married to (a wonderful) man who doesn’t understand that I need to be at the cinema half an hour before a movie so I can pick the seat, decide whether I want snacks or not, go to the loo, pick another seat because that weird guy decided to take the seat next to me even though there’s a WHOLE ROW right there, then wait and enjoy the trailers before the movie.

There’s a difference between missing (sometimes the best) part of a movie and not having a concrete plan on where you’re going to be sleeping in Europe right?


He’s multitasking, watching the footy and reading at the moment because clearly, he has his priorities right.

My handsome, very un-panicked husband.

I’m just going to sit here, looking through booking sites that I won’t book (I planned the wedding, this is his job) and not panicking….. hard.

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