The new chapter

I’m officially calling it. 2018 is my year of change. 11/02/18 marks the day where I change my name, something I honestly thought would never happen, yet here I am. I’m going to write this down because even now, the day is one big blur. My emotions were all over the place and I’m sure there are so many things I’ve forgotten.

I’ve never been one of those girls that had the whole day planned out from dress to napkins, my mother can confirm that I’ve always said that if it happened, I was having a barbeque in the backyard; and that’s what I did.

My groom is an amazing man who is passionate about his cricket and keeping his (our) country life simple, so he was on board from the start. He wanted to go one step further, suggesting we elope in the woods so that he could wear shorts. I put the kibosh on the shorts early on, there was no way it would mesh with my beautiful dress from Bridal house, or the hairstylist’s fantastic work (thank you Alissa Kate!)

I would have been happy with the elopement idea, however, the one thing I knew I wanted was my father officiating. For obvious reasons, you can’t have one parent without the other, and you can’t only have one set of parent there. We hit on the closest we could get to an elopement without alienating anyone, and only invited immediate family to the ceremony, with everyone invited to the bbq at our place afterwards.


With dad at the end of the aisle, and my heels leaving me towering above mum, My


brother was drafted to walk me down the aisle. I don’t remember noticing anyone in the audience. The only person honestly I saw was my husband to be. I’ve only seen him in a suit once before, and as handsome as he was then, that paled to what was waiting for me there. Bless him he managed to hold it together until I got to him, but even he wasn’t immune to the tears. Fortunately, I had already had my weepy moment and had time to fix my face. That did, however, leave me with my groom so close, yet so far! every time I moved to comfort him (I can’t help it!) my dad was right there reminding me “we aren’t at that spot yet”. Talk about frustrating! I know I picked the vows we used, but if it wasn’t for dad holding them out for me to read, I would have been completely lost. Honestly, I don’t remember a word I said! I’ll have to get them off dad so I can keep a copy. I know that the ceremony was short and intimate, exactly what we wanted. I have no regrets in keeping it that way, it made the barbeque that much more memorable.


There are so many people that the day couldn’t have happened without. My husbands’ cricket group were amazing when it came to helping with setting up our yard, the women jumped in and helped perfect the final touches and made sure the pulled pork didn’t burn, the guys kept the grill and the music going. There were so many people helping out that made our day amazing and we love you all. In case anyone actually does read this, there are several big shout outs. My now in-laws opened up their yard for the crowd and helped arrange the drinks, and muscle, they also picked up the cakes on the day (imagine a day without them!). My dad did an amazing job with officiating it all, I would have never dreamed to have anyone else do it. Mum was very patient with this frantic bride, making sure we had last minute necessities, and being present for every dress appointment. My amazing bridal party was made up of my best friend Mel (who also organised the best hens night ever at witches in britches), my sister Naomi, Our /kinda/niece Kim, and our actual niece who is that beautiful girl in the photos. All of these girls made this a mostly stress-free, memorable day and if I was to do this again, they would be who I would have by my side. I also want to thank all of our family and friends that made the trip, and those that were unable, but we know were there in spirit. We love you all!

and all of these amazing pictures were courtesy of my sister in law Purdey. I love these shots, and without them, I would honestly have no memories of this day. Thank you so much!

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